It is apparent that the future of the earth as a living system is in many ways endangered, and that the basic cause is modern alienation from earth's natural laws. We believe that, while scientific advances and modern technologies have become increasingly determinant factors of economic growth, the sacred wisdom and skills of the past is the key to a new future of spiritual, social & environmentally friendly solutions for the good of all.

We see a basic difference between the current scientific view that sees the earth, as a mass of inert matter and the traditional view of it as a living, spiritual organism. We feel that, out of sheer necessity, the traditional view will once again become popular. In that case, the proper understanding of the earth, including its sacrosanct aspects, will be the priority of future science. Spiritual knowledge will be the key element for the development of peace, harmony and achieving the ultimate human potential.

We believe that such social transformation begins with a happy and healthy individual who has attained a decent standard of living and has received essential education in health, hygiene, and life skills. Addressing the problems of sub-standard housing and sanitation alone cannot result in the long-term eradication of misery nor bring about a fundamental social transformation. Education is essential, particularly education in human values. Once the material conditions of living have reached an adequate level, there is a possibility for true human values to be expressed in life. A sense of belonging, sharing, non-violence, caring for life, and caring for the planet are among the values that need to be nurtured. The development of human values is essential to create loving and happy families, cohesive communities, and harmonious relations among all people and nations – a
pre-requisite for peace, harmony and well being on the planet. This means living lives that express human values such as compassion, non-violence, generosity, and an ethic of service and caring for all life.

Esha Vasyam (ESHA) was organized exclusively for charitable and humanitarian purposes. Specifically, ESHA seeks to promote culturally sustainable, cost-effective, equitable, innovative and holistic solutions for key issues that threaten earth's environment, population and the habitat.